Ethical Principles and Transparency

Ever since Infarco and Cinfa Biotech were established, our values as people have determined our development and business activities, establishing over time the conduct and attitudes that make us what we are.

These best practices are contained in our Code of Conduct, which is applied to all the firms that make up our parent company: Infarco. It is a document that establishes the overall framework of our relationships with shareholders, customers, patients, employees, suppliers and society in general.

See our Code of Conduct

A further effort in our commitment to accountability and transparency is our compliance with the policy established by the association Medicines for Europe , which Cinfa Biotech belongs to.

It defines all the value transfers that are carried out every year to healthcare organisations and professionals, as well as to patients’ associations, thereby guaranteeing that the relationship with each and every one of them is ethically maintained and never involves any conflict of interest.

Value transfers of Cinfa Biotech 2017

Methodological Note